Simple test CAS client application
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Test CAS Client

This application acting as CAS Client.

Features :

  • Login/Logout on CAS server
  • Local logout
  • Show authenticated user's informations (login and attributes)
  • Show complete debug log of phpCAS library


  • phpCAS library (from php-cas Debian package for instance)
  • CURL and Dom PHP modules (from php-curl and php-dom Debian packages for instance)
  • Apache PHP support (using mod_php or PHP Fpm, install libapache2-mod-php Debian packages for instance)
  • One file writable by Apache user for logging


  • Install the application and its requirements
apt install -y libapache2-mod-php php-cas php-curl php-dom git
mkdir -p /var/www/connexion/public_html
git clone /var/www/connexion/test-cas-client
ln -s /var/www/connexion/test-cas-client /var/www/connexion/public_html/test
chown www-data: /var/www/connexion/test-cas-client/logs
  • Configure access to the application, for instance, in an existing Apache VirtualHost definition by adding something like:
Alias /test /var/www/connexion/public_html/test
ProxyPass /test ! 
<Directory /var/www/connexion/public_html/test>
        Require all granted