Docker image that provide common python test tools
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Docker image providing common Python test tools

Image with common dependencies and common Python test tools:

  • common python packages: python3-all python3-dev python3-pip python3-venv pylint3
  • build-essential to allow local python package using pip
  • git
  • pip installed version of pytest, flake8, pylint, pyupgrade (with pyupgrade-directories helper lib), black and isort
  • associated tools to produce JUnit tests result files: pylint-junit, flake8-junit-report and black-junit
  • junitparser tool to merge JUnit tests result files

Usage example:

docker run -it -v "$(pwd)":/src -w /src brenard/python-tests
pip install .
pytest --junitxml=pytest.xml tests
pylint --load-plugins=pylint_junit --output-format=junit --output pylint.xml mysoft tests
flake8 --output-file flake8.txt mysoft tests
flake8_junit flake8.txt flake8.xml
black --verbose --target-version py37 --line-length 100 mysoft tests 2>&1 | black-junit > black.xml
junitparser merge pytest.xml pylint.xml flake8.xml black.xml tests-report.xml
pyup_dirs --keep-percent-format --py37-plus mysoft tests
isort --profile black --line-length 100 mysoft tests