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Object oriented interface for searching and manipulating LDAP entries & filters

Updated 5 days ago

Docker image that provide common python test tools

Updated 3 weeks ago

Docker image to run pre-commit on Python apps/libraries

Updated 2 months ago

Monitoring plugin to check Forgejo instance upgrade status

Updated 2 months ago

Archive keyring package for Zionetrix Debian repository

Updated 4 months ago

Monitoring plugin to check ESPHome devices status

Updated 2 months ago

Monitoring plugin to check if pip upgrades is available

Updated 3 months ago

Single page test CAS Client

Updated 9 months ago

Woodpecker CI plugin to publish Debian packages using on Aptly API

Updated 3 months ago

Docker image with curl

Updated 11 months ago

Docker image to build Debian package of Python apps/libraries

Updated 1 month ago

Python cx-Oracle debian packager tool

Updated 8 months ago

Minimalist PHP framework

Updated 1 week ago

Server MyCO

Updated 1 year ago

Compress PDF

Updated 1 year ago

Export des sauvegardes BackupPC sur disques externes USB chiffrés

Updated 1 year ago

Some bash scripts to make stats on Linux hosts running libvirtd

Updated 1 year ago

Mail to SMS gateway script to use with SMTP server (Postfix for instance) and "SMS Gateway" Android application

Updated 1 year ago

SMSq Application that could be use with "My SMS Gateway" Android app

Updated 1 year ago

Nagios plugin to check Git Repository status

Updated 1 year ago